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Our Team

Anisha Singh

Founder – Managing Partner

Founded and built two profitable tech companies Listed by Crunchbase as one of the top 7 CEOs outside US in 2018

Ajay Relan

Founder – Partner

Founder, CEO CX Ventures, $515M invested in 20+ Indian companies; 20%+ IRR Head, Citibank Ventures, India, $1B invested in 70 Indian companies; 40%+ IRR

Subhash Bedi

Founder – Partner

Co-founder & MD of Rising Straits Capital - Red Fort Capital, $1B invested in 26 Indian companies Seed investor in technology and fintech companies in US, India, and Israel

Nidhika Jain

VP Investor Relations

Over 13 years of experience in technology and internet Let strategic partnerships with major international telecom partners and hotel chains